Automatic Door Installation and Maintenance

Automatic doors are an integral part of modern commercial and residential buildings. Their precise installation and maintenance are essential for smooth performance. Noor Al Hashmi is specializing in quick installation and maintenance of automated door, gates, and barriers. With many years of experience in the field, we work with strict safety standards and prime focus on quality.

We at Noor Al Hashmi, are one of the prominent installer and repairer of automatic doors in Dubai. Our wide clientele speaks of our quality services and timeliness. With a high focus on customer satisfaction, we have built strong rapport and partnerships with our customers.

Automated Door Installation Services

Automated doors work on the basis of the fully integrated security system and remote control configurations. No matter how good is the quality of the gates, their flawless installation is important.

Our expertise in installing all types of advanced security systems and configuration of remote control access makes us a leader in the realm. We install doors, gates, and automatic parking barriers for all types of units.

• Commercial door installation
• Industrial automatic door installation
• Automatic shutter installation
• Parking barrier installation
• Sliding glass door installation
• Revolving glass door installation

We are excellent in installing metal based doors and shutters as well as sleek glass doors. Our precise installation follows the accurate dimension of the entrances. Right installation ensures smooth performance for a long time without frequent costs on repairs.

Automatic Door Maintenance

Maintenance is a cost-effective way of ensuring longer shelf life for the security systems. Automated doors are made of many major and smaller components. Smooth working of spare parts, rails, and motors is very important.

A team of experts at Noor Al Hashmi holds thorough technical knowledge of installation, repair, and replacement of the security systems.

Our back up an inventory of all the spare parts and components let us provide quick repair and maintenance. Our maintenance team visits the client as per schedule in the contract. The technicians carefully inspect the system and detect any probable default in the system. Early detection of the defaults helps in avoiding sudden breakdown of the systems. Our team also check the efficiency of the gate motors and remote access systems. Any alteration required in configuration is also attended during the maintenance visits.

Benefits of Maintenance with Noor Al Hashmi

Necessary lubrication and cleaning of the spare parts and rails render excellent performance. Regular maintenance is worth as it extends the overall shelf life of the doors and gates. While we are a great installer, we are also expert in efficient servicing of the full range of security systems.

Our clients have acknowledged the best benefits of regular maintenance. Our affordable charges make it simple to hire us for safety and performance of the doors and gates.

1. Reduces frequent servicing cost
2. Affordable packages on an annual maintenance contract
3. Increases the life of the doors and gates
4. Suitable quarterly or yearly service contracts
5. Saves cost on spare parts and replacements

Once properly maintained, the automatic doors and gates give an uninterrupted performance for long years. Our contract will save you from hassles of getting repair works and replacements. Our team looks after all the requirements of the system well before the need arises.

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